Justin Curnutt

Owner/ President

Justin is the Owner and Founder of Pahrump Wellness Center (Formally known as Back to Roots). He graduated with his doctorate degree in pharmacy from Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson Nevada. He specialized in nuclear pharmacy, went into retail pharmacy, and then specialized again in compounding pharmacy. He is the creator of SuperNaturalPharm.com. He has also started a non-profit organization for his community called Pahrump Academy of Learning where he hopes to empower people in all facets of life for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle!


Ashley Curnutt

Owner/ President

Ashley is the Owner and Founder of Pahrump Wellness Center (Formally known as Back to Roots). She is the creator of RPMentoring.com which is a site dedicated to self improvement. She is a mother of four and essential oil expert. She has post high school learning in Cosmetology and helped many beautify themselves on the outside through hair, skin, and nail services for many years in a day spa and salon. She is no longer doing that but instead beautifying people on the inside through stress reduction techniques, aromatherapy, and life coaching services.


Kayleen Strange

Life Coach & Serenity Room Manager

Kayleen has a passion for helping people heal through self image and addiction recovery.  She has developed her skills to include mentoring, life coaching, and so much more. She runs and operates the vibroacoustic room which focuses on healing through vibration.

Betsy Lilly

Owner & founder of ethical massage

Betsy Lilly is more than just your average massage therapist. She has many certifications which give her an incredible edge on getting to the root cause of your issues. She is renowned and widely sought out by many people around the country. She has over 15 years of experience and has a true gift for healing!


Dr. Glenn

owner & founder of Cash chiropractic care

Dr. Glenn has over 30 years of experience in chiropractic.