Welcome to Pahrump Wellness Center!

                Bringing Quality Products & Education to Pahrump & the Masses!

Pahrump Wellness Center is dedicated to alternative healing. It is our belief that inside of every body is the ability to heal and overcome any health challenge if we are provided with all the proper tools and resources. We are a full service store which dedicates ourselves to understanding and passing along our knowledge on natural health. We have many health professionals who have many years in these healing modalities and are excited to combine all those services in one incredible resource for the community of Pahrump. We also cater to those who are passing through or have heard of our many services via friends and family members around our nation. We offer in store services as well as some additional online platforms for reaching the masses through one-on-one health and wellness coaching, nutritional training & support, and various other incredible options which can be further explored on this website! Feel free to find our many health care professionals on the about page as well as reach out to us via the contact us page for any unanswered questions.

Your Health is Important

We recognize that when it comes to alternative health and natural healing information can be confusing. Our qualified staff will provide customized health education and knowledge based on science and not just opinion or hearsay. We have an incredible range of expertise in various modalities of healing. We empower each individual to understand why they might choose to supplement with vitamins and herbs rather than be dependent on the “Western Method” of healing.  We customize your health journey to help you achieve all of your many health goals.


We LOVE Pahrump!